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Please contact us to configure your own bespoke letter name tribute.

Can't find the Letter Tribute your looking for?
Contact us today to design your own bespoke Letter Tribute to suit any budget, with assistance from our highly skilled team.

Bespoke Letter Name Tributes


A Letter Name Tribute is a name made of flowers. They are completely customisable
and a name can go up to 7 Letters.

The Letter Name Tributes in the images above are made of a padded base of White Chrysanthemums,
with a Flower Spray on each letter and either Ribbon, Foliage or no edging. An option to have the names created with full flowers instead of a chrysanthemum base is also available.

White Chrysanthemum Padded Letters: 

Full Flower Bespoke Letters:

£50 per letter

From £60 per Letter

Jeremiah: 07305 216716
Clare: 07948 614668


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