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Jeremiah's Floral Design Events are the epitome of luxury and class. We can elevate any of life's occasions with custom, opulent floral designs to create your own floral story and bring your dream to life.

Let our lavish floral installations encapsulate the emotion of the celebration and reflect your personal style.

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In your consultation we go through every detail of your dream event to ensure that it is  truly bespoke and personal to you.

We will bring your dream to life using the finest flowers and foliage. Make your celebration a work of art, never to be forgotten.

Whether its rare, exquisite flowers and plants or transformative, luxurious floral installations - 

The service we provide is like no other.

Do you want your Celebration to be Classy, Luxurious, Tasteful and Memorable?
Jeremiah's Floral Design is the right choice for you.

Contact us below to arrange a consultation with Head Designer and Owner Jeremiah O'Neil.

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